Dating someone who is too good for you

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Letting someone really know you, and really see you, can be terrifying.

Is It Just Too Good To Be True? - Evan Marc Katz

You are laying your heart in their hands and saying to them “Please be gentle with this.” And if they’re the rht one for you, they will reply back (verbally or non-verbally) “I wouldn’t dream of ever being anything else to you.”When I first started dating again after an emotionally traumatic breakup, I was hesitant to let anyone get close to me.

Is It Just <strong>Too</strong> <strong>Good</strong> To Be True? - Evan Marc Katz

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In my emotional closure I didn’t think I would ever be able to open up to someone ever again. She never had to say it out loud, but I knew that she saw me.

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Until one fateful day when I met someone who shook up my world entirely. My ego’s first self-protective instinct was to run away and revert back to my old unproductive habits. I had to repeatedly breathe into the deeper layers of anxiety as I let myself be seen more and more by her.

Dating someone who is too good for you:

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